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RadioFr. innovates its station capabilities with PPDS


Loved by locals, RadioFr. is an independent radio station established in 1988 and based in the Fribourg Region of Switzerland. Aiming to inform and entertain its audience in both French and German, the station is broadcast on both FM and DAB+ waves – making it easily accessible for its legion of 155,000 daily listeners.


After years of operation, RadioFr. proved to the world that independent doesn’t necessarily mean small. With its success, the station moved to a larger location within a more collaborative environment that combines local broadcast and multimedia companies within the same building. Now based in MEDIAparc, the team at RadioFr. needed a complete display solution to reinforce their progressive identity and digital needs within this brand new building.

We now have a top notch multimedia infrastructure, and the tools we need to improve the entertainment of our local audience in French and German through our new Philips displays.
Jean-Paul Gazerro, IT System Director & Project Manager, RadioFr
MIC Newsroom warm


To realise their vision, RadioFr. teamed up with Partner Informatique Nexan and their BDM Jean-Pierre Brunetti immediately reached out to incorporate Philips’ professional display solutions to realise a complete custom fit-out. Each space was carefully thought-out and a solution was implemented by the team at RadioFr. based on their various needs. Five videowalls were installed with the assistance of Matrix Resolution to create a strong first impression using custom content that can be displayed and updated at any time. Within the newsroom, MediaSuite displays were chosen for their versatile connectivity and interactive features using CMND – enabling data and feeds to be displayed instantly within this fast-paced environment.


Android: Built-in Android allows for a diverse range of apps and better connectivity to digital tools.

Custom connectivity: MediaSuite and CMND allows staff to create and launch custom messaging, breaking news, interactive broadcasts, audience statistics and internal prompts to a single display or multiple collections.

Future-proof: New features can be easily added as needed, including automatic language translations, feeds, and new app rollouts.

Remote upgrades: Software can be updated remotely by RadioFr. to ensure each screen is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features.

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