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Offri ai tuoi clienti un'esperienza di acquisto interattiva con sistemi touch digitali in store. L'analisi dei dati in tempo reale rende possibile poi ottimizzare le prestazioni di vendita grazie all'adozione delle soluzioni innovative di PPDS.

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RETAIL SUCCESS STORY - Gamification experience

Imagine bringing fun and interaction to the customer’s shopping experience

Leo Zwagemaker, AVL Solutions, testifies of this great success
Opinion piece

5 TRENDS TO FOLLOW - Challenge online shopping with new experiences

Looking for ways to reshape the shopping experience and keep ahead of the competition? At PPDS, we’re always looking for opportunities to support our customers in staying ahead of the latest trends and, in this article, we point out five new ways of innovating your store to keep up with the growing shift to online shopping.

Opinion piece


Why retail analytics make the difference

For all businesses, data is a game changer and, retail stores – both physical and online – are no exception. Data gives shop owners the head start to enhance their store’s performance. With the newest technology, using cameras featuring facial recognition and artificial intelligence, you can make significant improvements in many areas.

In this article, we will talk you through the most promising data you can use to get better insights and optimise your business significantly.

Opinion piece

The retail challenge

Helping system integrators stay ahead of the game

As physical store managers continue their fight to remain viable and accessible for a customer base that is being driven online – whether for efficiency or for safety – so system integrators in the retail space have a rising challenge to keep their services relevant and required.

In this article we explore two of the challenges we’ve been told are keeping our system integrator partners on their toes – making space for social distancing and ethics plus sustainability , and how digital display solutions may be able to help…

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