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Pinalli Profumerie

Pinalli Profumerie revitalises its stores with a fresh new look by PPDS


An empire of beauty, Pinalli Profumerie is a luxury chain with over 30 years of history in the world of cosmetics. Founded in Emilia, Italy, this market leading company is renowned for its excellence in service, advice, price and quality. Combining an impressive catalogue of classics as well as the latest releases, customers can be confident in choosing the perfect perfumes, creams and makeup products from the best brands thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of its staff


Located across four regions of Italy in the historic centres of the biggest cities, Pinalli Profumerie had a vision to revitalise their stores with an innovative technological update. While traditional perfumeries are often fitted with basic shelving systems and overstocked products, the Pinalli team identified an opportunity to take their luxury stores to the next level. To freshen up their look, a functional, reliable and high-performance digital signage system was required to improve customer engagement and reinforce the bright, modern look of each store.

Pinalli Profumerie was a significant project, so it was fundamental to be assisted by a strong and efficient partner such a Philips.
Patrizia Barbarini, Purchasing Manager, Visionled CSA


To bring Pinalli Profumerie’s vision to life, Parma-based systems integrator Visionled CSA teamed up with PPDS. Each store was fitted out with a suite of topspec displays and videowalls to improve communication with customers and to standardise the brand’s corporate identity. A custom system that brings dynamic advertising content and promotional offers was developed and implemented. This system allows content to be transmitted in real-time across all stores with easy management through a single centralised interface. This project resulted in a future-proof solution that enhanced the elegance of the brand, engaged customers and allowed for smart control over a Cloud based platform. Within just six months of the launch, Pinalli Profumerie employees have already noted a greater number of customers interested in the content displayed, as well as a significant sales increase of the promoted brands.



Remote central updates: Pinalli Profumerie is able to push new promotions and offers to all or selected stores in an instant.

Remote upgrades: C.S.A Led can push new software updates remotely to ensure each device is running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.

Quick deployment: Reduced time to market for marketing communication, allowing new offers and promotions to be available faster than ever before.

Android: Custom content and insight integration is made possible through Android system, working seamlessly with the Visionled CSA developed system.

Future-proof: New demands from Pinalli Profumerie can be easily configured and deployed by Visionled CSA, enabling them to add new features when needed.

High-performance reliability: Content and displays in each store can be quickly and accurately managed through the custom digital signage system.

Cost efficiency: Digital signage means that content can be instantly pushed to market without printing costs or lost time in market.

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