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Kuoni Travel

Kuoni takes travellers on a new journey with Philips professional displays


Specialising in luxury travel for business and leisure, Kuoni is the biggest travel company in Switzerland. Named the ‘World’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator’, this premium travel agency offers charter and scheduled passenger airline tickets, custom holiday packages, luxury cruises and hotel accommodation around the world. At Kuoni, clients are provided with a complete VIP experience thanks to a personal travel expert that that sits with each potential traveller to fully understand their needs. Through this premium approach, clients are offered the perfect holiday experience that has been tailor-made just for them


With an existing high-street customer base, Kuoni identified a potential to increase its market share by expanding into mainstream travel. As agents were securing new deals and offers at rapid speeds, Kuoni needed a quick way to promote and showcase them to new potential clients. The end solution had to maintain the premium look and feel of the brand whilst also enabling fast and easy promotional updates when required. The designer boutique stores themselves were also in need of a technological upgrade to showcase their innovative business model

The imagination is the only limit to what we can achieve with Philips displays.
Marcell Oleff, Owner of i-Tech


To take the brand to the next level, Kuoni teamed up with digital signage experts, i-Tech and PPDS. Within just three months, all 75 Kuoni stores across Switzerland were fully upgraded with a tailor-made solution. To extend the premium look of the stores, Philips D-Line displays were installed in shopfront windows to attract passers-by to increase the number of walk-ins. Each display was set-up in custom panels developed by i-Tech. These panels mixed traditional analogue signage methods with modern digital signage – creating an impressive solution that exuded pure luxury. This unique set-up allows Kuoni to maintain their premium look through special-touch fabrics whilst delivering the latest travel offers as quickly as possible through digital signage. With this new solution, the time it takes to put each new offer to market was reduced by 80% as printing and distribution was no longer needed. Furthermore, screens where capable of multiple languages to accommodate Switzerland’s languages by zone, allowing for quick, error-free advertising. All of this was implemented from start to finish with a zero failure rate


Remote central updates: Kuoni is able to push new promotions and offers to all or selected stores as they wish.

Remote upgrades: i-Tech can push new software updates remotely to ensure each device is running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.

Quick deployment: Reduced time to market by 80% for marketing communication, allowing new offers and promotions to be available faster than ever before.

Android: Custom content and insight integration is made possible through Android system, working seamlessly with the existing system by Kuoni.

Future-proof: New demands from Kuoni can be easily configured and deployed by i-Tech, enabling them to add new features as required.

Custom set-up: Displays were integrated into custom-made frames that mixed luxury fabrics and digital technology.

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