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HotelUp Interactive Room Service reinvigorates the hotel industry with Philips Professional Displays


Nestled in the natural surroundings of Spain amongst a medieval Monastery, Hotel Sant Cugat undertook a major innovative update that powered its tranquil setting with cutting-edge technology. Priding itself as a modern, comfortable and practical retreat in the centre of Sant Cugat, the hotel attracts a constant flow of guests each day for both business and pleasure. With high expectations from each guest, management and staff at Hotel Sant Cugat are constantly on stand-by to serve their every need


A changing landscape of how pleasure seekers and business travellers choose their accommodation has meant that the hotel industry is on the decline. While comfort, convenience and service is what sets hotels apart from app based communal accommodation, attending to every guest as quickly as possible can at times pose to be a challenge with limited staff to guest ratios. Hotel Sant Cugat was in need of an innovative way to enhance their guest experience with real-time information and services while also reducing paper wastage and printing

The Philips professional displays are designed to work 24/7. They’re robust, stable and feature Power over Ethernet. It’s a professional display, and that’s exactly what we need.
Ofir Ben-Ami – Director at Mediaup Tech SL.


Hotel Sant Cugat teamed up with HotelUp Interactive Room Service, together with Philips Professional Displays to develop a custom solution that empowers each and every guest with instant service at any given time. Equipping each room with its own 10-inch touchscreen display, guests are able to contact staff, order room service, and explore the sites around them at any moment. This complete management system allows the hotel team to push their services and promotions with ease through a visual and interactive experience that’s available in multiple language. Better still, guests are able to choose the luxuries that they like with a touch of an icon – having each of their requests directed to the relevant staff member within the hotel instantly


Direct communication streams:
Guests can quickly and easily request room service items with a simple touch – from ordering food to asking for fresh towels. They can communicate with staff at any time in their preferred language without worrying about miscommunications. The interactivity means that guests are provided with a visual experience of the available items such as meals, with a full listing of ingredients that allows them to make modifications if needed in case of allergens, etc.

Easy content updates: Content can be easily updated by the hotel staff. Promotions can be added at any time by hotel staff quickly, allowing for upselling and cross selling opportunities internally or with local attractions to increase revenue.

Always on: Power over Ethernet (PoE) means that the displays don’t require any batteries or extra cables and that they’re always powered. The screens turn on automatically as soon as the guest scans their key card for their room, and will power off when the guests leave – allowing staff to know when the guests are in their room without disturbing them.

Remote upgrades: Mediaup Tech can send software updates remotely to ensure each device is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features. Software upgrades are instant, and can be directed to entire fleet or selected sectors.

Ultra-quick and easy deployment: New orders are set up and ready to go in just a day. From the moment the hotel receives their hardware, all they have to do is turn on the device and connect for an instant usage.

Energy efficient: Very low consumption screens to reduce long-term running costs, especially with 100 devices in the hotel.

Stability and robustness: Reliable devices that minimise any failure rates with an expectancy of 50,000 hours of usage per device before service.

Non-intrusive advertising: Media space is sold for advertising in a non-disruptive method. Ads are only played when each device is set on the screen saver mode. This provides the hotel with revenue to cover the costs of their investment. All they need to pay for is the hardware, while the software is free as it is covered by the screen saver advertisements.

Android: Developing in Android opens up a world of opportunities in app expansions and entertainment offering.

Advanced insights: Hotel staff and Mediaup Tech can see what their guests are clicking to help shape future products and offers. This reduces unwanted product range and helps create a selection of options that is more desirable.

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