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Telelogos solutions

Our Philips products are Certified Hardware by Telelogos, software editor specialized in Digital Media and Connected Devices.


Why Telelogos?

As part of the smart building initiative, companies and organizations use Telelogos solution to improve internal communication and workspace management.

Users can create and display content on all types of screens in any location (reception, waiting area, corridors, open area, production line …). In addition, they can manage workspaces availability and reservation via multiple devices & applications (mobile, kiosk, outlook add-on).

Telelogos has more than 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses used in more than 50 countries by all types of companies, from SMEs to large accounts.

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Partnership Philips

“Philips and TELELOGOS have been collaborating for many years on digital signage and workspace management with many joint projects and partners. We put the Philips displays through a rigorous testing and validation process to provide our customers with a solid solution, resulting in the release of an Android app specifically built for Philips displays. The combination of Telelogos software and Philips hardware offers a unique and powerful solution that offers all customers an unrivalled combination of performance, security and control.”

Christophe Billaud, CEO – Telelogos


Check, book, display

With Meeting4Display, find an available workspace, check its equipment, book it instantly and let yourself be guided to its location. Book directly from the room booking touch screen located at the entrance of the meeting room, your mobile, a kiosk or make this reservation from your company's messaging system. Combined with Media4Display Digital Signage software, Meeting4Display allows you to broadcast in real time the status of your rooms and indicate their location on your digital signage displays.

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More than digital signage

Media4Display is a digital signage CMS that allows, via a web browser, to create, manage and broadcast digital content over a network of screens in real time, available On-Premise or in SaaS mode. Media4Display integrates a unique back office platform. More than a digital signage software, the CMS includes a complete device management and data synchronization solution. This back office allows a complete management and security of the terminals as well as data synchronization functions.

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Expertise & support

ISV since 1982, Telelogos has more than 2000 customers and 500,000 commercialized licenses. Recognized for its expertise, the Telelogos support team provides technical training and guarantees the availability of a hotline service and permanent access to software testing and evaluation.


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Reach out to our sales managers to get to know more about Telelogos Solutions and how they can fit our Philips Professional Display products.

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