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We digitize physical spaces to boost communication and processes.



We digitize physical commercial and service spaces, thanks to which we stimulate the attention and commitment of customers.

Nanovo is creating advanced phygital business tools to support sales processes.

Nanovo digitalizes physical retail and service spaces, boosting communication and processes in them. Since 2013, the company has been creating unique business solutions in stationary stores and customer service spaces, implementing projects on the Polish market and in the CEE region. The key assets of Nanovo are its proprietary SIGNIO software and an interdisciplinary team. The proprietary SIGNIO ™ software platform stands for effective and smooth management of large and distributed digital terminal structures and their effective real-time control.

Nanovo has a unique full value chain starting with software, consulting/service design, research, testing/piloting, hardware purchasing, project implementing, content creation and administration with full SLA delivery.

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Nanovo and Philips in Modivo advanced phygital store concept

Modivo is about how a stationary store becomes a phygital format. Implementation of the proprietary digital in-store platform integrated with communication on Philips/PPDS screens and external applications in order to carry out the process of product selection, trying them on in an automated try-out room with finalization of transactions in a convenient way. Using Philips professional displays under control of SIGNIO platform by Nanovo enhance customers with fast, convenient and automated service processes.

Nanovo won the Grand Prix in Digital Signage Awards 2021 for Modivo store realization. – omnichannel store of the future

How to create the right space that combines in-store and online sales?

Each EOBUWIE.PL store is endowed with multiple self-service stands and monitors in each store zone i.e. window, sales floor, cash registers. Content is automatically generated based on the analysis of several external factors like popular phrases, integration with EOBUWIE.PL app, product database, store location or current weather forecast.

Nanovo was awarded for this realization Digital Signage Awards 2020 in the retail category.


CCC - how to connect stationary store to omnichannel with In-Store Assistant (ISA)

Retain customers in the stationary store, redirecting; if necessary, attention to information about the product available on the spot in the store or in the Internet channel. In-store assistant (ISA) is a completely new business tool for customer service and in-store sales. Thanks to ISA, digitizing communication and processes in physical sales spaces allow for a unique experience and to automate the shopping process while freeing employees from some tasks.


SEPHORA – Digital in-store communication platform

Designing a digital communication channel dedicated to SEPHORA perfumeries to create a digital in-store experience together with developing an advertisement system for suppliers. Adjusting digital communication to retail space, different functions and forms of the carriers.


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