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Philips Unite: PPDS debuts range of 4K and 8K All in One LED displays delivering on speed, flexibility and reduced cost of ownership with up to 8K visual performance

Launched at ISE 2024, the brand new range of Philips Unite LED AIO – comprising the 4000, 4200, 5000 and 7000 Series – delivers new possibilities for customers looking to replace smaller LCD displays and existing videowalls, or introduce new solutions, with 4K and 8K seamless displays. All offering a complete, out-of-the-box, high quality, lower energy fixed or portable solution, with installation times cut to as little as 60 minutes.*

PPDS is delighted to announce the launch of its debut range of ‘All In One’ direct view LED displays, with four new “industry advancing” Philips Unite LED All In One Series’ offering 4K and 8K larger than life viewing for a range of environments.

Unveiled and showcased at ISE 2024 in Barcelona (Philips Booth 3P500 at the Fira and at PPDS’ Tech Showcase at the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Base in Port Vell), the Philips Unite LED All In One (AIO) Series’ bring one of the most advanced AIO ranges in the current market, with PPDS utilising the latest developments in LED visual technology to deliver sharp, clear displays, with significantly reduced cost of ownership, and the fastest installation times yet.

United LED

Designed and developed uniting extensive customer feedback with market intelligence, the new Philips Unite LED AIO 16:9 range consists of – at launch – four exciting new models, including the 4000, 4200, 5000 and 7000 Series’, providing fast, seamless and connected solutions for businesses looking to transition away from smaller LCD screens and existing videowalls to larger, more versatile, bezel free LED displays.

With flexibility in mind, whether used for displaying presentations in the meeting room or education space, or for making a big impression in reception areas or in luxury retail where 16:9, high quality visual experiences are required, each Philips Unite LED AIO Series is available in a choice of sizes (ranging from 110” – 165”), resolutions FHD, 4K and 8K), and pixel pitches (P0.47 - P1.5), to support wide ranging professional display needs for both permanent and semi-permanent installations.

Each packaged in one box for fast and efficient installations – from just 60 minutes for the Philips Unite 7000 Series – the All In One displays also comes equipped with an extensive range of out-of-the-box features and capabilities, delivering all that would be expected from a connected LCD display – such as the Philips Signage 4000 Series D-Line, but with larger form factor options.

With high quality, highly durable die-cast aluminium panels and edge finishing, as well as integrated stereo speakers, WiFi and Bluetooth (built-in or via optional dongle, excluding the 5000 Series), the Philips Unite LED AIO family includes the features expected from a premium AIO LED display, together with the additional versatility for which Philips Professional Displays is known, with PPDS setting a new benchmark and taking the market to the next level.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Director for Philips LED displays at PPDS, said: “There are many All In One LED solutions in the market today, each with their own pros and cons. When we enter any market, it is at a time when we can bring products that our customers truly need, innovating around their requirements, rather than simply following what has been done before. That’s how the Philips Unite LED AIO range was born.”

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, added: “In developing our new Philips Unite LED AIO range, we have taken a blank canvas approach, designing them based on customer feedback and market intelligence, to create a family of offerings that we believe is unmatched in the current global market. For businesses and those in education looking to introduce or replace smaller existing LCD displays or videowalls with a more impactful alternative, we encourage you to look no further than a Philips Unite All In One LED.”

Resolution revolution with Philips Unite LED AIO 4000 Series

Running on Android 11, delivering access to easy software integrations, native apps, and rolling security updates – Philips Unite AIO LED 4000 Series displays are equipped to ensure content – from spectacular video to meeting room presentations – can be viewed from longer distances, with 4K crystal clear clarity and superb colour uniformity, together with the deepest blacks compared to any other LED display.

Inspired by a desire to bring the latest display technologies and benefits to customers, the Philips Unite 4000 LED AIO Series becomes the first PPDS LED solution to feature cutting-edge Chip on Board (COB) Flip Chip, as well as RGBG Matrix LED, technologies. For versatility in a range of settings, the Series is available in 120”, 138” and 165” size variants.

Further enhancing the visual performance, the Philips Unite LED AIO 4000 Series – PPDS’ most powerful and technologically advanced dvLED range to date – benefits from common cathode 4-in-one mini LEDs, supporting 12-bit colours and HDR10+ resolution. First debuted on the Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series – unveiled at InfoComm 2023 – common cathode technology brings enhanced image quality over longer distances and delivers a higher contrast between light and dark areas, with near-perfect colour and brightness accuracy.

“The Philips Unite LED AIO 4000 Series is designed to engage all those in its sight,” continued Martijn. “With vivid colours and deep black contrast, the Philips Unite LED AIO 4000 Series is the ideal solution for larger meeting rooms and auditoriums in corporate or education environments, with a choice of size, pixel pitches, and the highest quality definition to ensure all needs are met.”

The 138” and 165” Philips Unite LED AIO 4000 Series models are expected to become available in Q2 2024.

All In One detail without compromise – Philips Unite LED AIO 4200 Series

Delivering the solution for businesses where detail on screen is crucial, the Philips Unite LED AIO 4200 Series is designed using Common Cathode ‘cold LED’ Flip Chip technology with a fine pixel pitch – P0.47 and P0.79 – to deliver the complete picture, even up close.

Available in 138” 4K and 165” 8K size versions, the 4200 Series is ideal for meeting rooms in which viewing of Excel spreadsheets and similar information is needed. The display runs on Android 11, enabling easy integrations of software and apps, as well as security updates.

Lined up for speedy installation – Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series

The stylish Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series delivers when speed of installation matters. Packed into a single box, the display comprises five columns of 1.5 pixel pitch LED with modules already preinstalled and preconfigured, and wall mounts already attached – an optional trolley is also available – for effortless installations in around four hours.

Delivering on optimised power consumption and ultimate energy efficiency, this display breaks new boundaries, consuming less than 0.5w of power in standby mode, while average power consumption when in use is less than 760w. All while also delivering Full HD resolution, and a brightness of 600 nits after calibration.

Designed with the renowned Philips Signage 4000 Series D-Line’s Android platform built in, the Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series is PPDS Wave compatible, and a WiFi and Bluetooth dongle is also available in the box for easy connectivity when required.

Bring on the bezel-free videowall – Philips Unite LED AIO 7000 Series

Every Philips Unite LED AIO display in the range has been designed to significantly reduce the installation times expected for a LED display, and there is none faster than the Philips Unite LED AIO 7000 Series.

Shipped in a single box with all mounts and components included (including a built in controller), the Philips Unite LED AIO 7000 Series has been designed to be installed in less than one hour. With an ADA compliant wall mount included as standard, existing VESA mounts can also be retained and used – simply replace the panels to create a new seamless LED wall.

Ideal for TV studios, corporate settings, retail and transportation hubs, the 7000 Series AIO consists of four 55” panels that seamlessly slot together to create a full HD display – a natural replacement for a 2x2 videowall set up, and with no configuration required. When larger arrays are required, the displays can be daisy chained by HDMI to create larger arrays with no long cables required.

Access all areas - flexing to the location

For ultimate flexibility and portability, each Series in the Philips Unite LED AIO range can be used in almost any indoor environment, with the option of being mounted to a wall – with wall mounts included – or alternatively, onto a stylish trolley, for environments where the display is likely to be moved around, such as switching between classrooms.

Meanwhile, for easiest maintenance and continuing PPDS’ relentless focus on design, the Philips Unite AIO LED range mirrors other Philips LED models – including the Urban LED 6000 Series outdoor LED also launched at ISE 2024 – by offering both front and rear maintenance access. Reducing inconvenient downtimes, the design provides fast and effortless access to internal electronics to resolve any unlikely faults or to replace dead pixels, helping to save on maintenance callouts.

“At PPDS, every effort is made to ensure all our displays, be they digital signage, interactive displays, professional TVs, or LED, provide an easy and user friendly experience. That also extends to installation. With the new Philips Unite AIO LED range, we believe we’ve set a new standard for fast, simple, and seamless installations, which in some cases, will see displays up and running and ready for use within an hour.”


With sustainability a key focus for PPDS, the new Philips Unite LED AIO range also features a number of benefits to help significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in a lower cost of ownership, and instant sustainability benefits to the business.

Using fewer pixels, the 4-in-1 mini-LED technology within the 4000 Series delivers a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to other LED offerings in the market, while the Philips Unite 5000 Series also benefits from dynamic and black screen power saving, with the ability to automatically and intelligently power down when not in use, and with a standby energy consumption down to just 0.5 watts, compared to 200 watts on other similar models.

Remote control

Finally, as the latest member of PPDS’ growing family of Android SoC displays, the Philips Unite LED AIO 4000, 4200, and 5000 Series all come ready with the PPDS Wave ecosystem, adopted by some of the world’s leading organisations to deliver easy remote device management for their display fleets.

Unlocking the power, versatility and intelligence inside Philips Unite LED AIO displays, the evolutionary cloud-based Wave platform puts users fully in control of their Philips Professional Display fleet, with simplified installation and setup, monitoring and controlling displays, upgrading firmware, managing playlists, and setting power schedules just some of the features available. Saving on time, energy, opex, and environmental impact.

Early previews of the Philips Unite LED AIO range have attracted significant attention from corporate, education, transportation and retail, among other industry sectors, further demonstrating the family’s versatility.

Jeroen concluded: “Philips Unite marks yet another important milestone for PPDS, our partners and customers. Having already announced our entry into the outdoor LED market at ISE earlier this week, today, we are thrilled to have introduced our first ever portfolio of All In One LED solutions, with the powerful and innovative Philips Unite LED range.

“This launch marks the culmination of many months of research, hard work, and commitment from our teams to design and develop a complete AIO offering. From the detail needed for presentations in meeting rooms and classrooms, to making a big impression in reception areas, the Philips Unite 4000, 4200, 5000, and 7000 LED Series’ bring outstanding new opportunities, whether for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations that demand to be seen.”

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