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Philips Unite LED All In One range

An astounding line-up bringing 4K and 8K dvLED wow factor together with LCD processing power – in one box, ready to install in as little as an hour.

Unite LED 7000 Auditorium

Quick and easy

Every Philips Unite LED AIO display in the range has been designed to significantly reduce the installation times expected for a LED display – with set-up out-of-the box ranging from less than an hour to less than a day. With unparalleled connectivity, including Wave ready functionality for remote device management, and cool new technologies for lower energy consumption – PPDS LED innovation that’s ready to go.

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Key advantages

Why choose a Philips Unite LED All In One?

Speed of installation

Everything you need, in one box, designed for installation in as little as one hour.

Lower energy consumption

Created to consume less energy, with sustainability features that are built in.

Wave ready

Integrated processing power enabling Wave-ready remote device management.


Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series – FHD viewing

The stylish Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series comprises five columns of 1.5 pixel pitch LED with modules already preinstalled and preconfigured, and wall mounts already attached or an optional trolley is available. Designed with the renowned Philips Signage 4000 Series D-Line’s Android platform built in, the Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series is PPDS Wave compatible.

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Philips Unite LED AIO 5000 Series – FHD viewing

Delivering on optimised power consumption and ultimate energy efficiency, this display breaks new boundaries, consuming less than 0.5w of power in standby mode, while average power consumption when in use is less than 760w. All while also delivering Full HD resolution, and a brightness of 600 nits after calibration.

Install in as little as four hours.

Unite LED 5000 AIO Conference Room


Philips Unite LED 7000 Series – easy fit all in one box

Your natural replacement for a 2x2 videowall set up, with no bezels at all, and with no configuration required. The Unite 7000 Series is your easy fit kit, all in one box, ready for you to plug and play in less than one hour. Ideal for TV studios, corporate settings, retail, and transportation hubs, consisting of four 55” panels that seamlessly slot together to create a full HD display.

Shipped in a single box with all mounts and components included (including a built in controller) and with an ADA compliant wall mount as standard, existing VESA mounts can also be retained and used – simply replace the panels to create a new seamless LED wall.

croppedPhilips Unite LED 7000 AIO 110


Philips Unite LED 7000 Series – installation in under one hour

When larger arrays are needed, the displays can be daisy chained by HDMI to create larger arrays with no long cables required.

Install in less than one hour.

Unite LED 7000 AIO Company showroom

All in the box – All In One LED

22 Android Hospitality Hotel Reception

Angetrieben von Android

Philips Professional Displays mit Android sind schnell, vielseitig und einfach bedienbar. Alle Displays sind für native Anrdoid Apps optimiert, erlauben aber auch die Installation von Web Apps. Automatische Updates stellen die Aktualität der Anwendungen sicher.

PPDS Wave für Remote-Management

Verwalten Sie Ihre gesamte Displayflotte und steuern Sie campusweite Inhalte aus der Ferne mit dem PPDS Wave Controller zur Optimierung der Zeit-, Energie- und Kosteneffizienz. Entdecken Sie Softwareanwendungen zur Unterstützung Ihrer Business-Ideen von unserem Netzwerk bewährter Partner im PPDS ProStore und nutzen Sie die Vorteile unserer bildungsspezifischen Inhaltsvorlagen über den PPDS Wave Creator.

17 L-Line Public Venue Stadium

Schwer entflammbar

Das Gerät ist schwer entflammbar. Getestet und zertifiziert nach British Standard (BS476), B1 DIN4102 und UL94.


Niedriger Stromverbrauch

Displays von Philips sind für möglichst geringen Stromverbrauch konzipiert. Dadurch wird nicht nur die Umwelt geschont, sondern auch die Betriebskosten werden verringert.

Die cast aluminium cabinets

Designed and fabricated from die cast aluminium, Philips direct view LED cabinets allow for better heat dissipation and improved fire retardancy compared with some other brands.

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Harness the full power of this display: managed remotely with Wave

This product is Wave ready. Unlock the full power and potential of your Philips professional displays with PPDS Wave.

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