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VIF Tele

VIF Tele launches Montreal’s Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres into the future with an integrated approach to content management and digital displays from PPDS.


VIF Tele won a competitive bid to revamp and reimagine an ailing digital signage network for Montreal’s most significant health organization, the Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres. The healthcare network is a vast conglomerate of four organizations spanning 43 locations in the city and surrounding suburbs. The system of hospitals, community rehabilitation, long-term care, and child protection centers needed an integrated digital signage solution to meet the demands of their complex network of facilities. Cohesion at the organizational level was becoming nearly impossible due to outdated technology, broken screens, software that wasn’t functioning, and poor communication between multiple content management systems. A digital signage network with flexible, easy-to-manage, and efficient technical support was needed to bring this program to life.

PPDS offered a great product at a great price, and their displays were compatible with our software solutions, making them the best choice for this project.
Benoit Johnson, President, VIF Tele


VIF Tele teamed up with PPDS to develop a future-proof system throughout the network’s 43 locations. VIF Tele decided on the versatile P-Line of PPDS displays, as they were confident in both the specs and the price. In the end, the cost was a key differentiator, as well as PPDS’ capability to support Intenso, VIF Tele’s custom content management system. For employees and patients, the new system adds more value with a variety of innovations and improvements to usability and flexibility. Signage is easily controlled both locally and remotely at the room, facility, and organizational level. Additionally, better communication in waiting rooms and interactive entertainment has made the organization’s push to improve patient experiences a considerable success.


Reliability: With PPDS’ FailOver feature, the screens will never go blank. FailOver ensures the displays switch automatically between primary and secondary inputs.

Maximum coverage: All Philips displays come with a 3-year no-hassle advanced exchange warranty.

Easy Control: The CMND & Control feature allows display managers to perform vital functions like controlling input and monitoring display status across all of their displays.

D-image: clinically accurate imaging: The displays are factory-calibrated to meet clinical compliance standards for greyscale performance.

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