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Technische Unie

Technische Unie thinks smarter with a new Inspiration Centre powered by PPDS


Known as the ‘possible makers’, Technische Unie has been a driving force in the progression of businesses across every industry since 1880. Stocking an impressive 280,000 items from 700 suppliers worldwide, this Dutch based company offers a wide range of technical installation materials for housing, utility, industry, government, healthcare, and retail. Technische Unie has a noble mission of making the Netherlands more beautiful, sustainable, and smarter through their quality product range and market-leading services.

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As a leader in European wholesale supplies, Technische Unie has built a solid reputation in offering the world’s
best materials to the Netherlands. Covering all industries and working across all markets, Technische Unie wanted to make it even easier for their customers to learn about their latest offers from the hundreds of available suppliers. With a limited space and an expansive product range, Technische Unie needed a smart and intuitive way to help clients explore and select the right options for their needs.

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The Philips BDL series displays helped us to successfully integrate video displays in a high-level presentation environment.
Hugo Janzen, Owner, Hugo Janzen AV Projects


To showcase their product range and possibilities, Technische Unie partnered with Hugo Janzen AV Projecten B.V. and PPDS for a complete AV solution. A new Inspiration Centre was designed and deployed for their Smart Industry strategic partners—welcoming visitors with a spectacular multi-screen display. This centralised space was fitted with 45 Philips professional displays to bring all the possibilities to life through comprehensive product details and interactive imagery. Video content is controlled and managed through an intuitive PIXILAB BLOCKS system, which enables staff to make quick and easy updates in full HD or 4K using tablets connected to the network. A clean futurist design was achieved through custom-made brackets, resulting in a flush showroom that perfectly reflected the premium services of Technische Unie.


Easy content updates: Technische Unie can quickly and easily create and launch new content using the custom PIXILAB BLOCKS integrated into each display and controlled through a central location.

Designer installation
: An immersive visual experience was made possible through custom brackets that connected each display together to form a harmonious finish.

European design
: As a European leader in supply materials, showcasing the available products on European branded displays reinforces the commitment to regional growth.

Multi-device control: Approximately 150 devices have been installed on the BLOCKS network to cover the full product range, whilst enabling multi-user applications.

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