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Sportium delivers a premium retail experience with PPDS


Sports betting was non-existent in Spain until a decade ago. But in 2007, changes in local legislation opened up new opportunities led to the creation of Sportium. The company was formed by a joint venture of two of the biggest names in the industry: Spanish casino operator CIRSA and UK bookmaker Ladbrokes Coral Group. This wealth of experience gave Sportium a strong foundation, and their leading position was cemented in 2014 with an exclusive partnership with LaLiga, Spain’s top football league


In the early days of Sportium, the founders reached out to Bechtle to discuss their hardware requirements. As one of Europe’s largest IT services providers with offices in 14 countries, Bechtle was well-equipped to provide the technology that Sportium needed to get their business up and running. As Sportium slowly expanded from the Madrid region to the rest of Spain, Bechtle supported them behind the scenes with hardware and software for their internal requirements. But when Sportium was preparing to roll out new locations in Andalucia and the Balearic Islands in 2016, it was time for Bechtle to take on a bigger role: supplying the solutions for the entire customerfacing retail experience.

PPDS were an ideal fit for the premium, all-in-one retail solution we created for Sportium. Like the rest of our offering, they provide the right technology for today and the future, and make life easier for Sportium and their customers.
Montserrat Guindo, Regional Director Bechtle Spain


To create a custom all-in-one solution for Sportium, Bechtle aimed to offer the best possible combination of service and technology. They designed a package that included everything from touch-screen betting terminals to content management software. Philips professional displays were the finishing touch, giving Sportium excellent image quality for broadcasting live sports as well as betting information and results. They elevated the overall appearance of the interiors while fulfilling all the technological requirements.

Bechtle’s global solution dramatically changed Sportium’s approach to working with technology suppliers. As opposed to working with a variety of vendors, they now have a single point of contact. And because all of the different systems and devices are so well integrated, Sportium technicians can complete the installation themselves.


Since September 2016, Sportium has been installing Bechtle’s technology solutions across their newly-opened retail locations, as well as replacing the current setup in some existing locations. The new setup has offered immediate benefits to both Sportium and its customers, including:

Quick installation: From the moment an order is received, it takes just one week for Sportium technicians to get everything in the store up and running.

Better viewing: Philips professional displays bring the excitement of live sports into each Sportium location, plus offer a convenient way to display betting results to customers.

Premium brand experience: With an average of six screens per Sportium location, Philips professional displays contribute to creating a consistent, high-end brand experience.

Future-ready: Philips professional displays offer the right combination of technology and service that Sportium needed now, plus offer a wide range of possibilities for future integrations.

One solution, one point of contact: Bechtle successfully united individual products and services into a comprehensive offering that delivers a simplified, cost-effective process. As Sportium continues to grow, Bechtle looks forward to an ongoing partnership as their complete IT solutions provider.

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