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PPDS reaffirms commitment to videowalls with updated range of Philips X-Line UHD displays for picture perfect performance in retail, corporate and control room settings

X-tra special: New features, new design, new sizes and new experiences – the updated 24/7 Philips X-Line FHD and UHD videowall range delivers unrivalled sharpness and image quality for all forms of content (pictures, videos or presentations), sizing up installations in almost any professional or commercial setting.

PPDS is excited to announce the launch of its enhanced range of Philips X-Line videowall displays, bringing unrivalled picture performance and razor-sharp clarity to all forms of content in professional and commercial environments.

Exhibiting at InfoComm 2022 (Philips Booth N2021), the latest evolution of the Philips X-Line series consists of six brand-new direct LED backlight models and size variants*, each featuring slick near bezel-less designs (0.9mm- 3.5mm) and equipped with a range of updated features and functionalities to support specific settings, including retail, corporate and control rooms.

From single panel installations through to multi panel videowalls, each new Philips X-Line display offers uncompromised 24/7 optimal performance, where quality and attention to detail are paramount to the experience. Whether displaying jaw-dropping full HD/UHD video content, or bringing meeting room content to full life size, the new Philips X-Line brings unrivalled sharpness and viewing clarity down to even the smallest detail, including often tricky to read Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint presentations.

Meeting market demand

The extension of the globally popular Philips X-line series, further reaffirms PPDS’ long-term commitment to the videowall market, taking the strategic decision to drive investment and its R&D resources to produce highly innovative and industry-leading videowall technologies and solutions.

Philips introduced the very first videowalls at ISE back in the 1990s, with the technology remaining a key part of the company’s past, present and future.

Speaking from the Philips booth N2021 at InfoComm in Las Vegas, Martijn van der Woude, Head of Global Business Development and Marketing at PPDS, commented: “We are delighted to showcase the latest evolutions of our highly popular and successful Philips X-Line videowall range here at InfoComm 2022. Some manufacturers have decided to switch their attentions away from videowall technology but, rather than scale back, we are bringing even more choice, new dedicated features, and advanced capabilities to our partners and their customers, supporting their everyday business needs and helping them maximise their business vision. At PPDS we listen to our customers and deliver on their wants and needs and the Philips X-Line is the latest evolution of our journey in this burgeoning marketplace.”

Enhancing the retail experience

Developed with retail in mind, the new Philips X-Line 49” BDL2105X/00 and 55” BDL2105X/00 are perfectly equipped to deliver spectacular, highly immersive and captivating 24/7 visual experiences – day and night – inside stores, shopping centres and malls.

Combining high quality, near bezel-less (3.5mm) design and the latest innovations from PPDS, Philips X-Line supports installations that are guaranteed to be noticed.

With Full HD (1920x1080p) image quality, 500 cd/m² brightness, a finishing haze of just 3pc, and backed by PPDS’ exclusive Pure Colour Pro software – delivering higher luminance through custom colour temperature settings and advanced gamma calibration – Philips X-Line guarantees seamless connectivity, with crisp, radiant and distraction-free picture and video in both artificial and natural light conditions.

As with all models within the Philips X-Line range, installations are fast and effortless, with two or more Philips professional displays connected to create a tiled videowall – without the need for external devices. A single player takes care of content, whether for four screens or forty.


Meetings without limits

The latest line-up of Philips X-Line models also introduces three dedicated models for use within corporate environments, including meeting rooms, boardrooms, lobbies and public spaces. Replacing existing models within the Philips X-Line range, the new series includes the 55” BDL3207X/00 (3.5mm bezel), 55” BDL4107X/00 (1.78mm bezel) and the 55” BDL8007X/00 (0.99 mm bezel) variants.

Designed to bring maximum engagement and to inspire teams and guests, these new models take presentations and corporate branding to the next level, overcoming many of the challenges experienced by comparable competitor models, delivering content the way it was meant to be seen, with unrivalled razor-sharp clarity.

Featuring a high impact Full HD display – mirroring that of the 2000 series – and with enhanced 700 cd/m² high brightness, these models have been created to support any content, static or dynamic, white or black. With displays pre-calibrated, Philips X-Line makes even the most challenging content, such as the small fonts used on detailed Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint presentations, perfectly readable on a grand scale, with no blur, or cloud impacting the viewing experience.

The BDL8007X/00 also features energy saving automatic backlight control, helping reduce running costs for a lower cost of ownership, while also aligning with sustainability goals.

Mitch Rosenberg, the new Director of LED and LCD Videowalls at PPDS commented: “The quality of the display, whether a single screen or a large scale videowall installation, can make or break a meeting. If content is not delivered and presented clearly and accurately to the room, sitting up close or at the back, then the technology and the investment has immediately failed. With Philips X-Line, businesses have the comfort in knowing that content, be it static or something more spectacular, will always be displayed with the quality and clarity intended.”


Control and video surveillance

Part of a growing focus on providing state-of-the-art, future proof display technologies to support control rooms and video surveillance (including security) markets, PPDS is delighted to introduce a brand-new Philips X-Line 65” model variant.

Featuring a best-in-class, higher performance 4K display (3840 x 2160), the new BDL6005X/00 model is designed for 24/7 operation and can be fully customised to fit customers’ exact needs and requirements. Crucial to these markets, the 65” X-Line can show content from multiple sources in real-time, with enhanced, Ultra High-Definition picture quality.

Mirroring Philips X-Line models within the corporate-focused series, the 65” model is fully calibrated to embrace white backgrounds. Combined with stunning 4K resolution and 500 cd/m² brightness, this allows content – including small lettering and numbers – to appear crisply and more radiant for stunning realism.

The Philips X-Line’s 3.5mm ultra-narrow bezel ensures near seamless connectivity between panels, with all space maximised to create a single screen effect, regardless of panel numbers and size.

A total solution

All Philips X-Line models continue to include access to PPDS’ exclusive CMND and Control platform, for effortless management and monitoring of content via an intuitive interface. Plus, with FailOver also included, screens will never go blank, with the display switching automatically between primary and secondary inputs to ensure content keeps playing even if the primary source goes down.

X-Line customers will also continue to enjoy the processing power of Android SoC without the cables, with an optional CRD50 module that can be easily inserted into one of the OPS slots, containing all the connections needed – including power supply – and removing the need to add an Android module for each display.

Further supporting hassle free installation, each of the new Philips X-Line models comes with IR and RS232 cables managed by a LAN connection, ready to daisy chain via DisplayPort.

While the new models have been earmarked for specific verticals, Philips X-Line has a history of being deployed and adopted in almost every market vertical, providing a variety of functions.

Martijn van der Woude explains: “When PPDS unveiled Philips X-Line, the company set a new standard for the industry by combining highly complex, high quality, connected videowall technologies into a simple to use and easy to install package that evolves with the customer’s needs and requirements. Since then, we have seen installations incorporating, as part of our total solutions package, solutions from our strategic partners, such as Crestron, Logitech and Intel.

“With Philips X-Line we have helped to create, innovative and transform experiences for customers in an ever-evolving list of settings. Retail stores, bars and restaurants, airports, cinemas, museums, gymnasiums, car showrooms, TV studios, and even the zoo. At PPDS there is no such thing as a one size fits all. These latest Philips X-Line models are no exception…we are delighted to add new possibilities with a product range suitable for every vertical market.”

There is still time to meet with the PPDS team at InfoComm. Please email Michael@BeesBuzzPR.com to arrange a preferred time.

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