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NH Hotel

NH Collection Eurobuilding introduces a new guest room concept featuring multi-sensory innovations by PPDS.


A name that’s known and loved by guests from all around the world, the NH Hotel Group has close to 400 hotels across 30 markets in the most desirable city locations. With four unique brands under the NH Hotel Group umbrella, guests can choose the style of accommodation that is perfect for their needs – whether it be for business or pleasure. Fusing luxury comfort with industry-changing innovation, each hotel has been tailored to give guests an enhanced experience.


In an industry where everything feels the same, the NH Hotel Group dared to challenge conventional standards. While other hotels may have their own style and décor, when it comes to the essence of it, they are quite similar in concept. More importantly, the rise in alternative accommodation taking hold of the hospitality industry has also meant that new luxuries need to be introduced, in which only a hotel can offer. With an aim at taking share market back, the flagship NH Collection Eurobuilding in Madrid was chosen for a pilot program to bring even more luxuries to the hotel chain.

Philips carried the weight of the technical and engineering design to help us develop a concept like no other.
Mariana Gramunt – Senior Innovation Consultant at The Wallace Network


The NH Hotel Group challenged the ordinary by adapting their hotel rooms to match the mood of their guests. Partnering with The Wallace Network and PPDS, they created a concept like no other for the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid. In this special pilot, selected rooms were transformed into multi-sensory Mood Rooms. This transformation turned each luxury room into an interactive haven, where guests can experience the perfect lighting, music, temperature and entertainment. At the heart of the experience, each Mood Room has been equipped with a 55-inch Signature Series Philips 4K TV. To create the perfect setting, the radiant Ambilight feature is linked to the Philips Hue lighting system throughout the room. Content on the TV is beautifully matched with ambient lighting from behind the screen and across the entire room for a completely immersive entertainment experience. Complementing the dynamic mood lighting, a soundbar has also been installed within the room for precision sound from the TV or personal devices.


Dynamic ambience: Content from the TV is directly linked to the ambience of the lighting and sound within the room for a completely immersive entertainment and mood setting experience.

Automated control platform: A custom control platform created by Philips links lighting, curtain motors, temperature and sound – all operated by an iPad and in-room wall stations.

Emotional shower: Water, sound and light are brought together to create a true multi-sensory showering experience that takes hotel guests to another world of pure bliss – whether they want to relax or be energised.

Perfect lighting: Controlled lighting based on the selected mood is deployed across the entire room, creating the perfect ambiance that is in harmony with all the creature comforts that is included.

Intelligent music: The Mood Room set up features intelligent music, where the perfect music selection is played at the right volume based on the mood. If required, guests can also choose their own music too.

Remote upgrades: The Wallace Network can push new software updates remotely to ensure rooms have optimised ambience and mood options.

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