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Neosystem’s payment terminals division embraced Philips MyChoice TVs to create low-cost entertainment solution for Polish hospitals


Neosystem has developed and managed payment solution systems for TV watching in the Polish market for the past twelve years. While it was originally specialized in the hotel sector, in recent years the company has expanded their focus to include hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Using their technological background and market expertise, Neosystem’s solutions offer superior in-room entertainment to patients while providing hospitals with low-maintenance revenue streams. Their easy to manage, all-in-one installations allow hospital staff to focus on healthcare, instead of being distracted by technology issues.


Pay-per-view television isn’t a new concept in Polish hospitals, but at many facilities, the technology urgently needs updating. Even today, it’s not uncommon to see coin or banknote-operated CRT televisions in patient rooms.

While hospitals are keen to modernize their in-room entertainment, understandability their priorities often lie elsewhere. To make upgrading as painless as possible, hospitals need solutions that are affordable and easy to install, as well as user-friendly for patients. Additionally, healthcare institutions require low-maintenance systems to ensure that administrators don’t spend time worrying about software updates or selling viewing credit.

By combining the innovative Philips professional TVs with our specially designed kiosk, we’re able to offer the most sophisticated in-room entertainment solution on the market. From installation to access codes, we manage everything – allowing hospitals to earn extra revenue with very little effort.
Filip Plawgo, CEO Neosystem


In 2016, Neosystem reached an agreement with Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk, Poland to upgrade their in-room televisions. Based on their previous experience working with Philips, they knew that the EasySuite range with MyChoice would be an ideal option. But to maximize the convenience of the new system, Neosystem introduced an additional innovation: a standalone kiosk for purchasing viewing credit. Using cash, debit or credit cards patients (and their visitors) can purchase a unique access code from the kiosks to “unlock” the content on in-room TVs.

Neosystem has now installed 220 wall-mounted Philips TVs in standard rooms, as well as 16 bedside TVs which offer more convenience and privacy for patients. The television installation was accompanied by 6 kiosks.

Besides making patients more comfortable while they recover and offering the hospital an extra revenue stream, the new system requires very little involvement from the hospital’s staff or IT department. Neosystem took care of the entire installation and manages all technical, access and content requirements, including creating the custom information channel for Copernicus and regularly checking the kiosks.


Combined with Neosystem’s kiosk, Philips professional TVs allowed Copernicus Hospital to easily implement a modern inroom entertainment solution. Just a few of the benefits include:

Better entertainment, more convenience: Patients now have access to a modern entertainment system with a wider variety of payment options.

Fast, affordable installation: Average installation takes two to four weeks, and doesn’t require a new, complicated infrastructure or support from the hospital’s IT staff.

Complete outsourcing, no maintenance: From installing the TVs and creating a custom information channel to emptying change from the kiosks, Neosystem takes care of everything.

New integration and revenue options: Besides extra revenue from TV viewing, the system offers the option to introduce other income generators, such as advertising. It can also be integrated with a range of other systems, including Wi-Fi and telecare devices.

Following their success at Copernicus Hospital, Neosystem has completed similar installations in other hospitals in Poland and Germany. The company is currently exploring opportunities for introducing their television/kiosk solution in related sectors, such as rehabilitation centers, hostels and hotels as well as entering other European countries.

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