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Meet in Place

Meet in Place turns rentable meeting rooms into rotating art exhibitions with PPDS and with Niio, the premium platform for digital art


Based on the simple idea that ‘all meetings matter’, Meet in Place is an innovative business solution for nomadic workers and multi-sized companies in need of offsite office space to meet. Founded in Tel-Aviv by serial entrepreneurs Yaron Kopel and Michael Dorsman in 2016, this start-up concept introduces easily accessible meeting rooms available for rent by the hour and without any memberships or long-term commitments. In 2019, Meet in Place expanded with four new complexes located in NYC and London, with Europe and the United States next in sight.


Every detail in each Meet in Place complex has been meticulously put together. From the city and street location, interior design and finishes, and technological connectivity – each meeting room has been masterfully curated by leading spatial designers to inspire maximum productivity. Driven by perfection, the founders of Meet in Place wanted to combine functionality with experience to achieve an incomparable workplace ambience. Large blank screens were a strict no-go. What they envisioned instead was a digital canvas to display true works of art.

At the heart of Meet in Place is considered design for productive modern working. We want to innovate the meeting space industry and it is because of this that we chose to work with Philips and Niio to facilitate our art programme: specifically creating premium and changing digital art exhibitions that are available to view in every room, in every Meet in Place globally.
Yaron Kopel, Founder, Meet in Place
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The unique vision of Meet in Place was met through the powerful alliance of Niio, PPDS and Float Studio. Philips Q-Line UHD Android displays were installed across all complexes and framed in beautiful custom-made enclosures. Each screen was then linked to aNiio ArtConsoleTM, which turns screens into a dedicated digital canvas, while providing seamless access to thousands of curated new media artworks from leading artists from around the world. Through these rotating collections of premium artworks and digital exhibitions, meeting rooms are brought to life with inspiring visuals that reflect each meeting organiser’s brand story.


Custom software integration:
Niio ArtConsoleTM integration provides seamless access to curated catalogs of video and new media art.

Ever-evolving artwork: New artwork and premium exhibitions are consistently updated to maintain cutting-edge visuals.

QuadViewer: During presentations, meeting participants can play four source signals simultaneously on the one screen.

Remote upgrades: Niio can send software updates remotely to ensure each screen is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features. Software upgrades are instant and can be directed to the entire fleet or selected rooms.

Android: Built-in Android opens up an exciting world of possibilities with easy access to apps, content and games.

Inspire creativity and promotes social interactions: a study conducted by The Harvard Journal of Workplace Learning shows that employees believe art promotes social interactions, elicits emotional responses, facilitates personal connection making, generally enhances the workplace environment and fosters learning. It also tells us that art which directly relates to the organization’s mission, and diverse art collections generate deeper engagement for employees and customers.

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