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Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel

Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel brings enchantment to their guest rooms with PPDS and SPEERON


Inspiring curiosity and adventure, Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel is Sweden’s most imaginative hotel. Situated in the picturesque city of Gothenburg, this fantasy-filled haven boasts over 450 rooms within its nine-storey star-shaped residence, set across 29,000 square metres of wonderland.

Designed to encourage a desire for discovery in both the young and the young at heart, the hotel is filled with whimsical novelties and extraordinary details through every turn. Established in 2023 and offering a restful night with the life and bustle of the Liseberg amusement park right on its doorstep, Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel promises all guests a grand experience like no other


Creating a fantasy-filled hotel within a globally cherished amusement park was no mini side quest. Especially when that amusement park is Sweden’s Liseberg, which has been crowned ‘Best of the Best’ in The Park World Excellence Awards of 2023.

Sparing no detail in magic and imagination, the hotel was fitted with daring innovation and inspiring luxuries throughout every room and corridor. Slides transport guests from the second floor to the lobby, and the restaurant features a working pony carousel from 1923 – built exactly 100 years earlier than the hotel itself.

To complete the meticulous attention to detail infused throughout the hotel, an intuitive and imaginative guest entertainment solution was also needed to empower a grand experience that goes beyond the realm.

Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel has an exciting and adventurous atmosphere, and we wanted the concept of the hotel TV to have the same expression. We developed a unique design for the hotel TV to enhance the visual impression of the hotel. We want to attract the guest with curiosity, but at the same time we also need to communicate practical information about the stay. Our goal is to create a great experience for the whole family.
Malin Thiel, Digital Specialist, Liseberg


Transforming their vision into a reality, Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel teamed up with Speeron and PPDS for a custom AV solution that surpassed their imagination. Leaders in the hospitality technology sector with a portfolio of impressive industry experience, Speeron is committed to creating the ultimate customer experiences through innovative technology. Matching the brief as the marketplace front-runner with the Philips MediaSuite hotel TV, PPDS is equally dedicated to bringing exceptional experiences through cutting-edge displays designed to empower unique installations.

Through this epic partnership, each of the 457 guest rooms were majestically fitted with a Philips 50” MediaSuite Hotel TV powered by the Speeron NEXT TV platform. This enabled an enhanced user interface and services with full integration of the hotel’s PMS and other connected systems. Guests arriving from all over the world could now select their preferred language to access practical hotel and park information on the big screen with a touch of a button. Better still, guests can also take advantage of a range of services directly from the comfort of their own room through the custom TV interface, beautifully branded to give busy guests the ultimate touch of enchanting luxury. That luxury is extended with smart device connectivity – all from the guest room’s Philips MediaSuite Hotel TV.

This magical combination has resulted in a remarkable guest experience where fantasy is brought to life through technology.


  • Enhanced experience: Guests can view hotel information and more in their preferred language on the big screen.
  • Content creation: Hotel staff can create branded themes and visuals with ease to provide guests with fun, seasonal content to enhance their stay.
  • Chromecast built-in: Instant wireless casting from guests’ personal devices creates a secure, home-from-home experience.
  • Seamless connectivity: Powered by Android for access to the Google Play store, bringing a multitude of apps, games, and entertainment, as well integration with the hotel’s PMS through the Speeron NEXT platform.

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