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Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze

Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze adds a personal touch with PPDS


Founded by Franco Gattinoni in 1983, the Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze Network has over 900 travel agencies across Italy, Switzerland and San Marino. With a passion for organising tailor-made trips and events, the personalised travel concept has become a widely popular choice by those that demand the best when it comes to their travels


Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze is renowned for its personalised solutions aimed at luxury travellers, corporations and exclusive partner agencies. Providing a first-class service for trips and experiences, it was important that their unique approach to travel was reflected throughout each of their stores. To set them apart from the competition, a market-leading solution was required to reinforce their corporate identity whilst also showcasing their offers and services in an innovative and agile way

The Philips and Corepixx digital signage system helped us achieve our branding goals.
Isabella Maggi, Marketing and Communication Director, Gattinoni Group


Interactive experience experts, Corepixx, teamed up with PPDS to create a custom installation for Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze. Pixxpoint totems housing a 32- inch Philips D-Line display were designed to reflect the brand’s corporate logo, and then fitted into each store. Through these digital signage totems, the marketing team at Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze can now create content easily and efficiently, then go live across all or selected stores through remote updates. These totems were strategically placed in each store to ensure maximum exposure and to attract more walk-ins each day


Remote central updates: New content and offers can be pushed to single or all stores by the Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze marketing team.

Remote upgrades: Corepixx can push new software updates remotely to ensure each totem is running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.

Quick deployment: Content updates can be pushed almost instantly, allowing new offers and promotions to be available faster than any traditional print solution.

Future-proof: New demands from Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze can be easily configured and deployed by Corepixx, enabling them to add new features as required.

Custom set-up: Displays were integrated into custom-made frames that utilised Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze’s corporate logo for a premium feel.

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