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GameStop Italia levels up with PPDS


Globally recognised as the number one games store chain in the world, GameStop is over 7000 stores strong across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. With 380 stores in Italy alone, GameStop Italia plays a significant role in powering the Italian gaming industry with the sales of games, accessories, collector items, and the ability to trade or swap games


The gaming industry has been built on fast-paced action, hyperrealistic interactivity and complete user immersion. With gaming now predominantly being online based, the challenge for physical stores is to maintain the same interactivity and excitement as the online world while also providing the unique benefits of in-store services. Digital signage was also identified as an imperative for success in order to keep customers engaged with the latest products and offers

Our completely turnkey design solution was made possible thanks to our partnership with Philips.
Giorgio Chiappa - General Manager of Digital Company Italia


To ensure that GameStop Italia remains the top player in the world of gaming, Digital Company Italia and PPDS were called in. Each store received a custom upgrade based on the shop size and fittings. 1100 new displays were installed across the stores – ranging from 32” to 86” Q-Line and D-Line displays that feature on-board media players, high brightness and wide viewing angles. Larger screens were mounted two and half metres high to maximise impact. With the new solution, GameStop is now able to push new offers, promotions and custom messaging through the built-in CMND software. And of course, the high-resolution LED picture quality truly brings the games to life during demos


Easy content updates: CMND software allows each store to push promotions and messaging in an instant to compete with online offers.

Remote upgrades: Digital Company Italia can send software updates remotely as new features are rolled out with technological trends and advancements.

Advanced reliability: Robust screens built for intensive usage 365 days per year were chosen. A strong partnership between Digital Company Italia and PPDS means that should any screen require service, it will be resolved within a matter of hours anywhere in Italy.

Seamless installation: The upgrade was completed for each store with zero interruption to the store’s operations.

Less frequent calibration: Philips D-Line screens are stable, colour accurate and colour consistent. They require less frequent calibration than nominally comparable displays from other companies.

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