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Fersa B5Z-11

Fersa Bearings

Fersa Bearings showcases their innovative spirit with PPDS


A global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality complete bearing solutions, Fersa Bearings is a multinational powerhouse devoted to driving the automotive industry forward. Established in Spain, Fersa Bearings has been delivering revolutionary product advancements across the world’s top car brands, as well as commercial, agricultural, and specialized industries since 1968. Today, Fersa Bearings has head offices in Spain, Austria, USA, Brazil, and China. With three state-of-the-art factories, five distribution centers, three research and development centers, and an extensive distribution network, Fersa Bearings now reaches over 85 countries with their innovations.


Driven by their innovative nature, Fersa Bearings strives to be a technological leader across all aspects of their business. Through their customer-centric approach in delivering dependable products and services, to their extensive investment in research and development, every detail is fine-tuned to perfection. To reflect their commitment to excellence within their global headquarters in Spain, Fersa Bearings needed an audio-visual solution that is equally as innovative as their operations.

It has been an honor to lead the design, execution and implementation of a unique project in Zaragoza for our corporate client FERSA, which has been made possible by PPDS and the great teamwork, which I am fortunate to lead and which has shown once again that with dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism the result is better than expected.
Angel Alonso, Managing Director, HubTech


To turn their vision into reality, Fersa Bearings teamed up with PPDS and HubTech for a tailored technological solution. Through this special collaboration, two oversize Philips L-Line 7000 Series LED walls were installed in Fersa Bearings’ headquarters in Zaragoza, Spain. Combining both audio-visual and civil engineering, the team constructed two custom structures to integrate the LED walls in the main hall and auditorium. This resulted in an immediate positive impact for guests and staff entering the headquarters—with branded communications showcasing product innovations and corporate values proudly displayed center-stage. Presentations in the auditorium have also been elevated with an engaging LED wall that brings every detail to life through rich, vibrant colors, extraordinary picture quality, and versatile connectivity. As a technological leader in their industry, Fersa Bearings have solidified their commitment to innovation through this latest project.


  • Incredible picture quality: Content is brought to life with vibrant colors, crisp picture quality, and a blazing fast refresh rate.
  • Robust durability: IP30 rated for dust, dirt, fungus, and moisture resistance make the Philips L-Line LED display perfect for large spaces.
  • Versatile design: Seamless linking, zero bezel, and the endless possibilities of the Philips L-Line LED make custom installations a breeze.
  • Powerful content: Corporate brand values, dynamic presentations, innovative showcases help make a positive impact for staff and guests visiting the headquarters.
Fersa B5Z-1

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