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eobuwie.pl pushes the boundaries with a digitally enabled store concept powered by PPDS


Innovative in every way, Eobuwie has been leading the footwear market for over 20 years. Stocking high-end designer brands as well as the world’s most trusted sports brands, customers from all over Europe have come to rely on Eobuwie as their port of call for the latest shoe releases. Eobuwie is recognised as one of the most prominent ecommerce brands in Poland and earned a plethora of awards from the likes of Effie, PRCH Retail Award, eCommerce Poland or Magento’s Imagine Excellence (in “User experience” category). Today, Eobuwie is one of the largest online stores specialising in footwear and accessories in Poland


A boom in ecommerce has resulted in a changing landscape of how consumers shop. Brick and mortar stores have faced a rapid decline in sales and visitors in recent years as they struggle to keep up with online pricing, stock availability and general buying power. Consumers now demand the latest releases for the lowest prices and immediate delivery. However, they still have a need to try the product before committing and do still desire professional product information about their selection. Meanwhile, exclusive luxury designer brands that refuse to be sold in online only environments had meant missed opportunities to reach all customers. Eobuwie, a traditionally online only store recognised these opportunities and innovated the market with a new store concept like no other

We chose Philips for their complex audio and visual abilities, which work perfectly with our system and needs.
Marcin Platek, COO, Nanovo


Eobuwie challenged conventional shopping methods with a new experience that naturally extends the behaviour of tech-driven consumers. Teaming up with PPDS and Nanovo, Eobuwie was able to turn their vision into a reality. Together, an innovative new store model was rolled out. These stores featured absolutely no display products. Instead, 50 to 70 interactive touch-screens were implemented in each store for customers to browse and select the product that they desired. These screens have been masterfully connected to the Eobuwie website, which allows each store to feature the most browsed products in that area. Featured products are also influenced by weather to showcase the most practical options for customers. With a large stockroom holding over 150.000 products just outside the store, customers are able to select the product that they desire and have it in their hands in under three minutes. These futuristic stores have attracted more customers and more brands, leading to better sales revenue for a lower operating cost.



Smart remote updates:
Eobuwie can push new promotions and product selections to each store based on the collected data from their central website within minutes.

Remote upgrades: Nanovo can push new software updates remotely to ensure all screens are running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.

Quick marketing deployment: Marketing communication is directly linked to live consumer data from the central website as well as HQ data, allowing for real-time promotions and offers based on consumer needs and trends.

Android: Custom content and insight integration is made possible through the Android system, and works seamlessly with Nanovo’s existing SIGNIO Multimedia Software.

Future-proof: New demands from Eobuwie can be easily configured and deployed by Nanovo, enabling them to add new features when needed.

Futuristic shopping experience: A clean, product free store that seamlessly connects the digital world with immediate product delivery to the customer has resulted in increased interest and sales.

Cost efficiency: No display products means fewer staff and less maintenance, allowing Eobuwie to keep costs down for the consumer.


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