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Eni gas e luce

Eni gas e luce energises its store experience with PPDS


Powering a new future in energy innovation, Eni gas e luce provides smarter gas and energy solutions to both personal and business customers. Founded in 2017 by the societarization of the Gas & Power Division of Eni SpA, its specialised approach of tailor-made solutions has quickly placed it as a market leader in Italy, with a customer base of 8 million and counting already using its innovative services. To ensure a new and engaging experience for its customers, Eni gas e luce has established 5 Flagship stores in Italy, in the cities of Milan, Treviso, Vicenza, Padova and Bologna.


Making an impact in an established market required a major point of difference. Eni gas e luce aimed to cut through the competition by building personal relationships with its customers within physical stores. With a plethora of complex and non-tangible products, the brand needed a versatile and easy to understand solution to ensure clarity for its customers, whilst also setting a welcoming and comfortable in-store ambience.

We chose the integrated digital signage by Philips Professional Display Solutions to create new spaces where talking about energy is easy.
Alessandro Monti, Sole Administrator, Eliosneon srl


To ensure the success of Eni gas e luce’s vision, PPDS teamed up with lighting solutions experts, Eliosneon, and software systems leaders, Vivica, to form a custom solution. Through this collaboration, five flagship stores across Italy were fitted with high-impact videowalls in each shopfront to promote the latest offers and attract customers. Touch-screen displays were strategically placed in-store to allow interactive access to product information, with the ability for instant data input and updates. The displays are powered by Android, ensuring superior versatility across the entire fleet, and convenient remote content updates via a custom cloud-based system. The use of digital signage also gave each store a clean, futuristic ambience to help make customers feel confident and at ease


High impact Videowall: Strategically placed Videowalls near shopfront windows increase store traffic and customer conversion from people passing by.

Real-time updates: The team at Eni gas e luce can distribute and update commercial information in real-time across the entire brand’s network remotely over the custom cloudbased solution.

Cost-effective solution: Digital signage means instant updates to offers and pricing without on-going costs and time delays – ensuring an always competitive advantage in the fast-paced energy industry.

Future-proof: New features can be quickly developed and deployed remotely by Vivica as requirements evolve.

Touch-screen: Interactive product information and data input is made possible with intuitive touch-screen control.

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