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Eazie uses digital menu boards to upsell existing customers and reach new ones


Eazie has 20 fast service restaurants in the Netherlands. The focus of the chain’s growing wok and salad concept, located in high-traffic urban areas like shopping malls and near stadiums, is on fresh, appealingly presented ingredients that stimulate your feeling of wellness. Healthy, low calorie food. And the choice is yours. Just choose what you want from the many options available. Then let Eazie prepare them for you to order, to enjoy in Eazie’s bright, welcoming premises. Orders are placed at a counter, and you collect your food when it’s ready. Fast, fresh – and successful.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Eazie was looking to expand its appeal among its existing customers and reach new ones. It was further seeking a way to explain how the ordering and preparation process works. And the eventual solution had to be fast to implement, causing as little disruption as possible, and deliver a high return on investment with low operating and maintenance costs. Eazie approached De Digitale, a PPDS partner and Dutch specialist in digital menu boards and digital signage.

The Eazie menu design is mostly white – the most difficult colour for a screen – so we needed a wellcalibrated screen. The Philips D-Line offers good colour calibration out of the box. This made Philips Professional Display Solutions the perfect choice for Eazie.
Jeffrey Brouwer – De Digitale B.V.


Eye-catching and informative: The concept leads the customer on a practical and emotional journey. A five-screen signage array at the point of sale, another screen in the dining area and one in the window entice people inside, explain how things work and do justice to the delicious Eazie menu.

White whites: Philips D-Line digital signage supports accurate ‘whites’ – a key element in the Eazie house style. Less frequent calibration: Philips D-Line screens are stable, colour accurate and colour consistent. De Digitale has also found they require less frequent calibration than nominally comparable displays from other companies.

Quality build: D-Line’s aluminium bezel won’t dry out and crack in the heat of the Eazie kitchen, and with small gaps between screens, cleaning is easier too.

Go wider: D-Line’s tight mounting possibilities made it possible to use multiple units to create the impression of one very wide screen. And the screens can be daisy chained to simplify cable management.

Better return on investment: Higher initial costs are being more than offset through less frequent recalibration, easier cleaning and other benefits.


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