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Delivering efficiencies - PPDS packaging

At PPDS we are committed to sustainability in everything we do. That extends beyond our Philips professional display products, through their packaging to shipping and delivery.

Delivering products in brown cardboard boxes with single colour print has reduced our carbon footprint over the last few years, and in 2021, we sought to start minimising this further with a review of how these are stacked and packed for their journeys from our factories to our customers’ installations.

Our review was twofold…we wanted to work to minimise the prospect of product breakages during transport, while also minimising our impact on the environment.

Testing and learning from a range of different options, our team has developed a new, scalable palletisation system that builds up in pairs for transport from our factory to their destination. This offers rigidity and strength to the products as they travel, while also allowing us to stack more efficiently into containers, and the flexibility to separate products for their final transportation to our customers’ installations.

The benefits don’t stop there. With this new solution, we are seeing reductions in our emissions as we need fewer containers for the same quantity of product, and therefore we are relying on less planes, trains, automobiles and ships to transport our goods. And we are using less wood for the pallets themselves.

Our customers will already have started seeing this new palletisation structure in place for our larger display sizes – from 75” to 98” – which has already seen a 103 ton Tank To Wheel (TTW) CO2 reduction.

Watch out for more updates on this inspiring sustainability solution in the months ahead.

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