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Bringing about new vision on the high street

Change in the retail landscape is inevitable, yet no one could have predicted the speed at which high streets and malls would need to alter their operations as the global pandemic unfolded. Now, as stores and outlets start to reopen their doors to customers once again, shopping centres are looking toward transformation. Digital signage and LED displays have never played a more important role.

Lockdown measures necessitated by the pandemic have had a profound effect on consumer behaviour – stay-at-home orders have meant shop-at-home ordering has become the new norm. For stores – from boutiques through to big brands – thinking different and diversifying service has been key.

As we start to move back toward a more open world, retailers are turning their attentions to enticing customers back onto the high street and into stores with confidence. Thinking differently is, again, essential.

Finding a new way with window shopping

Consumers have missed the in-person shopping experience and this could even have a positive effect on physical vs online sales conundrum moving forward. Safety and wellbeing are new focal factors, though, and converting casual passers-by into in-store visitors will be more challenging in the short term.

Window displays will take on even more importance and digital displays can help ensure they are kept fresh, with timely messaging and advertising that converts interest into sales.

Take high bright displays, such as the Philips H-Line from PPDS, delivering up to 3000 cd/m2 brightness and available in both 55” and 75” options. Philips professional displays with Android SoC are easily teamed together with software solutions that allow retailers to switch content to reflect seasonal, daily or even weather-related change. Incorporated together with traditional window dressing, content can be designed to entice and delight.

What’s more, as town centres look for new ways to move people safely through their streets, these displays may play a vital role, offering new ways of communicating safety information, as well as wayfinding. And they could also deliver new revenue generation, allowing stores to advertise complementary products from neighbouring retailers to bring a more joined-up experience for their customers. All easily integrated with the CMND content creation and control platform from PPDS.

Building a leading focus with LED

For more creative shapes or sizes, an LED display can provide the ideal, eye catching solution. And in settings that include natural gathering points, such as shopping centres, where more distance is required, a bigger display can also be part of the safer social distancing solution, drawing attention and creating one focal point. LED displays can be a great advantage here, too, delivering the building blocks to build seamless displays going well beyond the largest digital signage displays on the market.

The Philips 7000 series LED display is designed with retail in mind. With panel widths of 50cm, 75cm and 100cm and a height of 25cm, LED panels can be installed in any landscape format and are also available with bevelled corners to form curved displays. Different LED panel sizes can be mixed to build your creative shape of display.

The Philips 7000 series includes Active Health Monitoring and factory calibration, as well as conformal coating to protect the electronics against factors such as dust and moisture. They are IP30 rated and certified and their fire retardant design slows down the spread of flames in the event of fire.

Tested and certified with British standard (BS476), B1 DIN4102, and UL94 they also deliver when it comes to total cost of ownership, with power saving features that allow for electricity savings of at least 20% compared to conventional LED displays. All these features combine to make the 7000 series the ultimate solution for retail and public spaces.

Elevating the in-store experience

Impactful displays. Agile promotions. Interactive touch. With Philips professional displays, digitising retail to bring back the in-store experience is easy. Captivate your customers with the latest innovations from PPDS.

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