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BPER Banca

BPER Banca boosts productively beyond expectations with PPDS


Going beyond expectations since 1992, BPER Banca Group has become a name that’s synonymous with helping people reach their financial ambitions. This Modena based bank takes pride in understanding the needs and ambitions of its customers, and offering solutions that are professional and transparent to both the private and business sectors. Whilst regarded as a national bank, the BPER Banca Group includes four commercial banks operating in their territories to deliver a consistent customer experience.


An integral aspect to BPER Banca Group’s success is a consistent customer experience that exceeds expectations. With four banks operating under one brand, it was imperative that the operational processes in each location can be monitored by the management offices to ensure alignment. This would assist in preventing critical issues and ensuring that any anomalies can be corrected promptly. With the various banking environments already established, this solution needed to be versatile enough to fit the design of each space.

The installation of Philips displays to control critical processes has simplified our activity allowing us to devote focus to the development of new solutions.
Christian Vecchi, Team Leader Control Room - BPER Banca


BPER Banca Group needed a reliable solution to help them continue exceeding expectations. To make this happen, they teamed up with Si Computer SpA and PPDS to create a custom monitoring system that ticked all the boxes. A suite of 55 displays were installed across each of the IT Offices allowing staff to simply and intuitively monitor the status of various critical processes.

These 48-inch Q-Line displays dedicated to real-time monitoring of relevant dashboards were strategically placed to modernise each space and support the needs of the team. This resulted in an increase of staff productivity as well as quicker response times to support requests.


Perfect lighting: Full HD screens with direct LED backlight deliver optimal brightness and viewing angles for efficient usability.

Versatile installations: Displays were installed to fit each space, including wall and ceiling mounting with concealed cabling.

Improved efficiency: Live updates from a central feed ensures that staff can manage and attend to critical requests faster.

Future-proof: New features can be quickly developed and deployed remotely by Si Computer SpA as requirements evolve.

Robust design: Durable display design supports high-usage of 16 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Environmentally friendly: Low power consumption of each display means lower running costs and impact to the environment


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