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AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV takes patient care to a new standard of comfort with PPDS.


Renowned for their quality assurance and patient satisfaction, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV is one of Belgium’s largest hospitals and is rich in history. With over 500 rooms, patients have access to general doctors as well as world-class specialists and medical care.


A historic landmark, the very first hospital room of AZ SintJan Brugge-Oostende AV dates back to 1150. With constant extensions, renovations and changes in infrastructure, the hospital grew significantly in size over time. Today, a change in technological advancements meant that the entire hospital required a major upgrade in its cabling and connectivity to maintain its high standard in modern comfort and communications. Old analogue systems and CRT televisions needed a desperate upgrade to make way for digital interactivity and infinite possibilities.

We like working with PPDS because their service and commitment to their customers is very strong.
Jochen Verbrugghe – Owner of NV Tele-Signal Electronics


AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV teamed up with Tele-Signal Electronics and PPDS to develop a future-proof infotainment system throughout three campuses of the hospital. This system brings endless possibilities to life through Tele-Signal Electronics’ OSCART IPTV technology, which has been implemented in patient waiting rooms and treatment rooms. By means of informative video clips aimed at their specific needs, patients will feel more at ease. Moreover, these clips can be displayed in other languages than Dutch. This way all patients will be able to enjoy the Oscart IPTV experience, no matter their nationality.


Interactive information: You want to welcome your visitors, inform them and express the right image all at once. Not the easiest task, but thanks to Oscart you needn’t worry. After all, it’s completely up to you which content your visitors will see, on which screen and at what time.

Easy content updates: Content can be easily updated by the hospital staff based on single patient rooms and multi-patient rooms to ensure that the right information or entertainment is provided at all times.

Remote upgrades: Software updates can be remotely deployed over the air to ensure the latest features and security patches are installed. Updates are instant, and can be directed to the entire set of screens or selected sectors.

Energy efficient: All the displays selected require very low power consumption, which helps the hospital keep running costs down.

Future-proof technology: New IPTV & Digital Signage features can be quickly deployed without additional hardware or cabling, ensuring quick and cost-effective results.


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