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5 TRENDS TO FOLLOW - Challenge online shopping with new experiences

Looking for ways to reshape the shopping experience and keep ahead of the competition? At PPDS, we’re always looking for opportunities to support our customers in staying ahead of the latest trends and, in this article, we point out five new ways of innovating your store to keep up with the growing shift to online shopping.

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Wow your customers with stunning visuals

Digital LED signage attracts attention and increases customer traffic. In retail it is well known that more visitors generally means more sales. So, how do we get more customers in store? Beautifully designed shop windows can do the trick up to a point. But more and more retailers are discovering the power of digital content and interactive media.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends in using stunning digital displays to attract more visitors into stores, and how this can boost sales as a result.

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Why retail analytics make the difference

For all businesses, data is a game changer and, retail stores – both physical and online – are no exception. Data gives shop owners the head start to enhance their store’s performance. With the newest technology, using cameras featuring facial recognition and artificial intelligence, you can make significant improvements in many areas.

In this article, we will talk you through the most promising data you can use to get better insights and optimise your business significantly.

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