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PLAYipp Information Solution

Reach further with digital and engaging communication. PLAYipp is the team that believes in digital communication. We are certain more can take part in, engage in and value the communication if it reaches the right person at the right moment. Therefore we do just that on our client's terms.

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Why PLAYipp

PLAYipp is a software developing company who supply market-leading solutions for information, communication and digital signage. We see more and more organisations finding value in making digital transformation to be smarter and more efficient in their communication. We help our clients create change, real change. We truly believe in what we call co-working communication, we believe it’s a great leap from internal communication or even worse internal information. We help you to find ways to actually communicate so your co-worker wants to engage, to integrate with your dialogue and be active in creating it rather than passively consume and have served.

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Partnership Philips

“The co-operation with Philips and their range of signage screens is easy for us at PLAYipp. The screens always work well for our solutions and continue to work long after start-up/installation" - Richard Häll, CEO PLAYipp

PLAYipp give you control over schedules, rights and you can design every element of your message so it suits your audience perfectly. Regardless of it being customers, guests or co-workers.

Cloud based

Control every screen from where you are. Local or centralized

Screen layouts

Divide the screen into several different parts and showcase several different messages at once

Template or your own layouts

Let your brand shine! Create your own and unique layouts.

Schedule content

Make sure your message is relevant when you broadcast it.

Media library

All photos, images, documents and videos collected inside your manager.


We have created loads of preloaded content that you can add to your screens.

Get in touch

Reach out to our sales managers to get to know more about PLAYipp Information solution and how it fits our Philips Professional Display product.

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