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PADS4 Airport

Create a better passenger experience at your airport

Module 1

Why PADS4?

Delivering a better passenger experience has never been easier. The PADS4 Digital Signage Platform delivers FIDS, wayfinding, promotional content, and personalized infotainment across every display on your network, around the airport and around the globe.

We launched our first FIDS solution in 1994. Today, PADS4 supports passengers on over 80 airports on their journey.

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Partnership Philips

"Philips and NDS share common ground. Both are founded in Eindhoven, the Netherland.

Over the years the region developed into Brainport Eindhoven. Considered one of the smartest cities in the world. Through this shared heritage NDS feels a strong, almost natural, bond with Philips.

Although Philips is now a global brand, because of the name and the Dutch connection we are still in the mutual good books."

Jurjen Noorloos - Head of Solutions PADS4

Flight Information

Flight information is at the heart of every airport. Guide departing passengers to the right check-in or baggage drop, make sure they arrive in time at the right gate. Help arriving passengers to find the right baggage belt.

Keeping your passengers informed is key for a pleasant curb-to-gate experience.

With PADS4 you can share your flight information in real time. PADS4 makes it easy to connect to the data you need. PADS4 integrates with AODB’s from CGI, Siemens, Adecs Airinfra and more.

-We wish you a save and pleasant flight-


Duty Free

Create smart digital ads at screens across your airport to drive traffic to cafes and shops or generate revenue with third-party ads. PADS4 offers a comprehensive airport digital advertising solution to help you create smart, personal, and targeted ads using data, context-driven display rules, sensors, and scheduling to optimize ad display across arrival and departure halls.

-Happy shopping-


Food and beverage

People Eat with Their Eyes First. Attractive menu board invite people to eat. PADS4’s data-driven approach to digital menu boards change the way you create menus in your restaurants. Create visually attractive menu boards that automatically change based on the time of day, stock or even departing flights.

-Bon Appetit-


Airport Safety and regulations

For some people, flying is still stressful. Unclear instructions and regulations can increase the level of stress to your passengers. By showing clear instruction at e.g., the security check, PADS4 can help them to relax. As a bonus, clear instructions will speed up the process dramatically.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, screens will guide your passengers to best emergency exit towards safety.

-Have a pleasant stay-


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Reach out to our sales managers to get to know more about PADS4 solution and how it fits our Philips Professional Display product.

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