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DS Templates

DS Templates makes professional content available to everyone! DS Templates is a, hybrid, web-based digital signage CMS with ready-to-use professional templates. DS Templates can be combined with other signage systems or stand alone.

DS Templates offers customization, integrations and corporate identity content.

Choose, edit and publish.

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Why DS Templates?

DS Templates, a user-friendly digital signage system. Easy management of one to hundreds of displays.

With + 250 ready-made templates and integrations,

DS Templates guarantees a user-friendly system, without technical and/or graphical knowledge.

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Partnership Philips

The total solution, Philips in combination with DS Templates, offers a reliable signage solution with plenty of options.

With our common goal of helping organizations improve communication through screens, DS Templates with Philips screens is the perfect match. It is a pleasure to work with Philips.

'Innovation, reliability and knowledge within Philips ensure a pleasant and successful collaboration.

Together with Philips, we hope to be able to help many organizations in the coming years with a user-friendly and reliable Digital Signage solution.'

Hendrik Geerts - Director

+350 ready-to-use templates


User friendly

No technical or graphical knowledge required

A professional, uniform signage presentation, 100% in accordance with the corporate identity. Without graphic or technical knowledge? Yes, DS Templates makes it possible.

Upload your own content, use your custom templates or use our +250 ready-made templates. Our simple template editor makes it possible to put together a professional presentation with just a few clicks.

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Ready-to-use integrations

DS Templates offers several ready-made integrations. For example, we can publish SharePoint messages automatically, present Power BI dashboards and publish various social media messages.

In addition to our standard integrations, DS Templates offers the flexibility to connect other systems. Our extensive portfolio of generic connections ensures that DS Templates can already connect various systems out of the box, such as POS software, solar panels dashboards, ERP systems and school management software.

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Usefull modules

DS Templates is committed to making digital signage easy, simple and yet comprehensive. Our modules contribute to user-friendliness and the ability to easily process data.

For example, DS Templates offers the possibility to easily manage digital menu boards via a smartphone, we have a Digital presence board module and we make welcoming visitors easy!

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Content is king!

As DS Templates we can't say it often enough: Content is king!

Ultimately, the content is what visitors, employees and passers-by take in. It is therefore important that the content is correct and is shown at the right time and on the right screen.

DS Templates takes care of it.

Use DS Templates in combination with Philips display and enjoy successful, future-proof and user-friendly digital signage solution!

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Reach out to our sales managers to get to know more about DS Templates and how they can fit our Philips professional display products.

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