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Deneva Solution

Digital Signage experience platform for the digitization of workspaces that enables to centralise the visual communications from any device

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Deneva platform

Specialists in the development and integration of Digital Signage solutions for the creation of digital experiences.

Deneva craft captivating and compelling turnkey solutions that increase brand awareness, turn consumers into customers and employees into brand ambassadors.

The DENEVA digital media platform allows centralized control and management of all type content, adapted to the needs of each company, and the specifications of each stay within the office. It provides unlimited scalability, absolute reliability, and lower deployment and management cost

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Partnership Philips

The partnership between Philips and DENEVA is a result of several years of collaboration and proven success. We are continuous innovated to handle projects with a very cutting-edge solutions that features renowned hardware, very powerful and competitive devices, and ultra-powerful software with multiple functionalities, capable of adapting to the requirements of each sector. The perfect match to maximize customer engagement through product durability, flexibility and 24/7 performance.

Juan Carlos Martín – Founder & Global Sales Director


Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye


Flexible organisation and easy usability


A solution adapted to all needs

Tailored intelligent solutions

Combines the latest user experience with the cutting-edge technology for managing digital content: omnichannel support, integrations with third-party solutions, interactivity, advanced facial recognition technology, reporting, proximity engagement and big-data analysis. All of this integrated into innovative solutions adapted to each environment that could be used to quickly inform your employees with the latest news, welcome visitors and convey a dynamic brand image all in one easy step.


Take the control of your meeting spaces

Displays in real time schedules and digital signage content for a one-stop info displays. Announce upcoming events and company-wide meetings, provide information on in-office events and attendance for the day showing status boards and aids in easy wayfinding with interactive maps.

DENEVA allows to book a room, extend and cancel meetings right at the room touch display or directly from your mobile phone. It also integrates dynamic zoom and audience measurement so that the content displayed could be adapted depends on the distance of who is watching. Easily integrated with Google calendar.

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Unlock employee engagement

Turn any display of your digital signage network into your ally to share information in real time: share your KPIs, show data to individual departments or change the specific audio-visual content immediately through your mobile device. Display social media feeds directly on signage screens that bind the audience and offer entertaining content to employees so that they can interact.

DENEVA also allows to displays personalized information (such us welcome information) to visitors by integrated RFID systems, creating a unique workplace experience.

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Digital Canteen to Create Rich Employee Experiences

To integrate digital signage at the canteen area, enable employee to be more productive. Include images of menu choices, interactive features such as order entry, item modification, nutritional information, and promotion of healthy dining options.

DENEVA allows menu changes and pricing revisions that can be automated and easily implemented. Combines this information with rolling text, company news or corporate videos.

DENEVA allows to create a relaxed atmosphere at the canteen within the company, as well as it could be as multi-use area like meetings or corporate events.

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