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Admira solutions for smart digital signage and audience analytics

Philips products are Certified Hardware by Admira, the leading smart digital signage and audience analytics solution.
Boost your business with Admira tools for customer research, facility management and advertising campaigns on PPDS devices.

Amira Plataforma Admira

Why Admira?

Choose our preferred partner Admira for the total management of your circuits with PPDS devices.

This cloud solution improves the status control of your screens, as well as the contents broadcasted on them.

It also allows you to connect IoT devices and sensors, collect audience data, and perform customer measurement and analysis.

All of this in a comfortable, fast and efficient way, by a collaborative web platform with maximum security and privacy standards.

Admira Space Manager

Admira y Philips professional displays - Better together

"We connect elements of the offline world to the Internet, increasing the possibilities of the channel".


Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye.


Offer flexibility and organisation to your company


Tailor-made registration and wayfinding

Transform your screens into a powerful business intelligence tool

Admira allows the audience measurement and people traffic for Digital Signage circuits, Smart Retail and Connected Building. Its tools are designed to know the user or consumer of a digital circuit or point of sale, as well as their consumer preferences. In addition, you can analyze and display the data in dynamic and real-time updated dashboards, as well as export it to market reports or external business solutions.

Admira Dashboard 02

Control and optimize the facility and service management of your business

Admira allows you to effectively manage your organization's facilities and spaces, as well as your customer services such as queue/turn management or appointment scheduling.

It’s aimed to optimize in an agile and smart way your buildings, rooms and workstations, as well as to guarantee hygiene and security measures in their use.

It’s designed for smart digital signage devices, which enriches the user experience and reduces the waiting and bore feelings.

At customer service points, this becomes higher customer loyalty and an increasing sales.

Admira Cita previa movil

Boost the impact of your advertising campaigns

Admira allows you to control the performance of advertising campaigns in real time, including the export of the data for reporting to advertisers.

It offers powerful scheduling and distribution features that allow customized broadcasting at the unique consumer level.

It supports all kinds of dynamic and interactive content, besides impressive formats that multiply the impact on the target (holograms, avatars, LED fans, videomapping ...).

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