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Starling Hotel Lausanne

Starling Hotel Lausanne takes tech to the next level with PPDS


Gracefully set on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Starling Hotel Lausanne is nestled in the heart of the EPFL – one of the world’s top science and technology institutions. This contemporary hotel is just moments away from both the Lausanne and Morges city centres, and a few steps away from the Rolex Centre and SwissTech Convention Centre. The warm pop-art inspired setting provides breath-taking views of the Alps and Lake Geneva, and offers guests comfort in a calm and relaxed setting.


Attracting the world’s top science and tech personas all year long, it is imperative that the Starling Hotel Lausanne exudes the pinnacle of modern day technology. On the operational side, it was equally as important to reduce costs, whilst also ensuring that a future-proof system is in place that allows staff to efficiently create and launch content in real-time. A perpetual flow of hotel guests added to the challenge, as interruptions to guest bookings was simply not an option.

The Swisscom-PPDS team were able to develop a complete interactive solution for us within a very short amount of time.
Sandro Henner, Technical Manager of Starling, Hotel Lausanne


Such an intricate challenge was solved when the Starling Hotel Lausanne teamed up with Swisscom and PPDS. Together, a custom fit out of the hotel’s technology suite comprising 160 new displays with Android based digital integration was implemented. Chosen for their ultra slim design, blistering fast start up speed, and UI customisation, the displays delivered the exact solution needed. As a result of this project, the hotel now features Cloud based Video on Demand, custom apps, social media integration, and the ability for in-house marketing content creation and deployment. A masterful floor by floor installation of the direct satellite connection and distribution switch by Swisscom meant that the project was completed without any guest interruptions.


Android: Built-in Android allows for a diverse range of apps and better connectivity to digital tools.

Custom connectivity: MediaSuite and CMND allows staff to create and launch custom messaging, marketing and guest information instantly to a single display or multiple collections.

Quick start-up: To reinforce the high-end technology feel of the hotel, displays now have a start-up time of just 10 seconds.

VoD integration: Sky Switzerland and Airtime Cloud applications add extra channels to the hotel for a reduced operational cost.

Social feed: Positive social media engagement is highlighted on the display’s UI – connecting the tech world to the hotel.

Future-proof: New features can easily be added as needed, including automatic language translations, digital signage solutions and new app rollouts.

Stand-alone design: Direct satellite connection linked to the distribution switch results in faster performance and a cleaner aesthetic.

Remote upgrades: Swisscom can send software updates remotely to ensure each screen is running smoothly with the latest UI and stability features.

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