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NAVORI LABS for Marketing Analytics

Business Intelligence Software using Computer Vision in the physical world



A pioneer in the Digital Signage industry, Navori Labs Navori Labs is headquartered in Switzerland and established for more than a decade in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Its marketing analytics software, Aquaji, is available in two editions Core and Professional, either on the cloud and hosted on premises.


Navori Labs with Philips means performance and innovation for professionals

« Our partnership with Philips resulted in a turnkey solution, including a P series display with QL digital signage software and Aquaji for analytics, working hand in hand to adjust the content shown to the audience and business situations. »

Jérôme Moeri, CEO Navori Labs

What is Aquaji?

The Aquaji software uses computer vision to count visitors and gather demographic data, length of stay, wait time, and attention span. Using Philips P-line, Both Digital Signage and Aquaji can run simultaneously, enabling to adjust the content to the audience the camera can see.


Benefits in using Analytics in the physical world

  • Get to kow your venue traffic and visitor’s demographics
  • Optimize human resources allocation and evaluate employees performances
  • Monitor customer’s experience
  • Test new products and shelfs
  • Leverage your DooH space

Industries using Aquaji

  • Retail: Assess your traffic and service levels, optimize your marketing and merchandising.
  • Quick Service Restoration: Measure your guest’s waiting times and staff productivit inside or at the drive through.
  • Dooh: Get 95% accurate audience metrics, deliver to your advertisers a playback reporting with audience demographics and conversions
  • Government: Get attendance and experience metrics, measure staff performances

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