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Scalable cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to display content where it matters.

Why NowSignage?

Companies that communicate effectively are four times more likely to report higher levels of employee engagement. Disengaged employees are twelve times more likely to leave their job within the current year. These are just a few facts that demonstrate the value and importance of implementing effective digital signage across your office space or work environment. NowSignage provides a simple and cost effective way to get important information to the right people at the right time. The CMS is designed for multi-screen management, therefore, managing a large network of hundreds of screens is no more difficult than managing a handful of screens.


Partnership Philips

"People who buy Philips buy NowSignage. Our hugely successful partnership continues to flourish because of our consistent shared values; continuous innovation, value without compromise, and high performance. We have achieved some wonderful things together in recent years including industry awards and projects all over the world, and I look forward to that continuing for many years to come."

Tom Ross - Commercial Director – NowSignage

Internal Communication

Use our multi zone layouts to display important internal comms and live data feeds through IPTV, RSS feeds, weather and traffic.

NowSignage also has integrations with many third party applications such as Microsoft & Google (Sheets, Maps and Power BI) making communication with key stakeholders via digital signage easier than ever before.


Signage in Receptions

Keep staff and visitors well informed in your public areas and receptions with a variety of dynamic content such as, IPTV streams, social media feeds, local weather, local traffic. With NowSignage, it’s easy to create a truly eye-catching digital signage experience to help continually engage your audience and ensure they don’t “switch off” from your screens, video walls or even digital hand sanitisers.


Share Social Media

To keep your audience engaged and prevent them from tuning-out, it is essential that you keep your content targeted and relevant to them. By creating automated RSS feeds and social media walls, your teams can be kept abreast of internal and external news that’s specific and relevant to them, ensuring your people stay informed and remain engaged.


Activate Microsoft Power BI

NowSignage is the only CMS to have developed a full integration with Microsoft Azure, so that Power BI users can display BI reports, dashboards, and other data, completely privately and securely. Within a corporate environment, it is imperative to cut through the noise and succinctly present business critical information to a relevant audience at a time and place that allows them to make informed decisions.


Real-Time Announcements

Keep staff informed around updated social distancing rules or even warn staff about potential disruptions to the working day such as fire alarm tests by using our real-time announcements feature. You could even use this feature to ensure your staff stay motivated and engaged, by using it to celebrate employee birthdays or wish them a happy work anniversary!


A Marketeers Dream

NowSignage is what you might call a self-serve platform, so easy and reliable to use, that you shouldn’t need much support from us! However, NowSignage always ensures that the very best support is available by providing access to a plethora of video guides, and even a direct Account Manager should you need to speak to us in person!


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