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Introducing GuestConnect for touch-free hospitality TV control

Your new cloud-based hospitality TV remote control, designed for home from home hygiene

Safety first

For all hotels, health and safety requirements have increased.

For safer in-room entertainment, we’ve launched a brand new, cloud-based remote control app – PPDS GuestConnect – allowing guests to control their in room TVs with their personal devices. Easy to use and totally secure, your guests can be given the opportunity to use GuestConnect, downloading the app via our easy to use interface at reception as they check in to your hotel, or in their room by scanning their unique link when they switch on their TV. Their link will be severed the moment they check out, and a new link will be created for your next guests.

Meanwhile, for safer interactions in communal areas, our range of PeopleCount solutions enable easy and cost-effective capacity management, as well as hand sanitation and more.

3 reason to choose GuestConnect


No need to download an application; Simple click and scan to open; User-friendly interface; Multiple devices can connect


Completely touch free, safe process; Fully secure and GDPR compliant; No user data is retained; Safe log out after check out


Dynamic web application; Add as a bookmark on browsers; iOS and Android supported devices

Total Guest Care

From our hygienic wipe clean remotes or our brand-new cloud-based remote control app – PPDS GuestConnect – for enhanced cleanliness in your guests’ rooms, through to our PeopleCount capacity management display solution for safer interactions in communal areas including restaurants and bars, at PPDS we bring you solutions to support you caring for your guests.

Dicover the benefits of GuestConnect

Bringing secure and hassle free remote access to in-room TVs via your guests’ personal devices.

Using GuestConnect is simple:

• At check-in, your guests can be offered a QR code, generated uniquely for them to control the TV in their room alone for the duration of their stay.

• This QR code can be scanned using the camera on their smart phones or personal mobile devices.

> from the image generated on a Philips 10” or 24” T-Line display at reception

> from an email that is generated upon check in and sent to them

> from the welcome message on the home screen of their in-room Philips MediaSuite TV.

• Once your guests have scanned the QR code, they will have full control of the TV – this web-based service means there’s no need to download an app.

• All guests staying in the same room can scan the QR code and connect their devices.

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